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Contributing Safety Graphics

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Instructions for Contributing Safety Graphics

Add Title at the top of the page and within the form.

NOTE: Be sure to SAVE the page before ADDING attachments.

Step 1 - Create a Graphic

1 - Please add individual graphics using the SafetyGraphicsForm

  • To add a graphic, click on Create a SafetyGraphicsTopic###

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Step 2 - Topic Page with the Form

2 - An auto-numbered topic page with the form will open. Add the Title at the top of the page and in the form.

Click to open screenshot Step 2Hide StatGraph_Step2_Form.png

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Step 3 - Form Fields

3 - Click on "edit" on the top of the form next to SafetyGraphicsForm. (The first time you add a new graphic this form will open automatically for editing.) Be sure to always go to the bottom and "Save" your work after you have added a title and other information. DO NOT attach any documents before first saving.

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3A - Top of the Form

3A - Complete information in the cells, except for Image. (We will attach the image later.)

  • Give your graph a title
  • Check the subgroup that this graph belongs to: General Principles, Labs and Liver, ECG and Vitals, Adverse Events, OR DSMB graphics.
  • Check whether you are adding code for this graph or not adding code for this graph.
  • Add a description of the graphic
  • Mark contributor's name and email
  • Give some background about the graphic
  • Keywords - List any keywords referenced in the graphic.
  • References - List any reference.
Click to open screenshot Step 3A - Top of formHide StatGraph_Step3_Top.PNG

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3B - Datasets, Classification, and Special Considerations

3B -

  • Datasets - Mark whether datasets came from CDISC, Vanderbilt, or other
  • Data - You can attach a dataset or add the data directly to the form
  • Check Classification-Evaluation - Mark whether this is an efficacy, safety, or general graphic.
  • Check Classification-Graph Type - Mark the graph type.
  • Check Variable Relationship - Tell us the types of variables that are used.
  • Check Data Types - Mark whether this is categorical, continuous, categorical and continuous, or time to event data.
    • You may check more than one box in each category.
  • Mark any special considerations

Click to open screenshot Step 3B - Datasets and ClassificationHide StatGraph_Step3B_Use.PNG

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3C - Data

3C - Fill out information. Mark if Code is available.

  • Software Program: Mark whether you are using R, SAS, Stata, or other software program
  • Software: Mark name of software, version number, and other pertinent information.
  • Cut and paste code OR attach code in a file (we will describe how to add attachment below).
  • **Code-Attachment: Choose the software program that goes with your code and then follow these uploading instructions.
  • **Code: Choose the software program that goes with your code and then cut and paste from Word or any other document into the box for Code.

Click to open screenshot Step 3C - SoftwareHide 3C_BottomStatForm.JPG

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Step 4 - Add Attachments

SAVE all work that entered into the form and then begin attaching other documents. See AttachmentsLinking

4B - Code Attachments

Naming Your Files: Last name of contributor_Description of Text File_Document text belongs to
e.g. Gordon_Code_Figure1

Uploading attachments: - Add attachment URL and then name attachment.


VIEWING CODE - As noted above: 1 - You can click on name in the attachment field to open code 2 - You can also cut and paste code directly into the form. (User can cut and paste the code into their work.)

Open Screenshot for viewing form with attachment link or reading the code directlyHide Code_Attach_Read.png

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