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ESMacro (ESMacro.sas)

Description This macro computes effect sizes for longitudinal study data; it compares the group means between two treatment conditions with adjustment for baseline value of the outcome and covariates and prints out effect size estimates at each assessment time as well as averaged effect size over all assessment points.
Effect size is defined as Cohen's D for comparing two treatment groups --- difference between two group means divided by the pooled standard deviation --- with the group means and variance estimated from an analysis of covariance (ANCOVA) model. The confidence interval of effect size at each time is based on the asymptotic variance of the effect size estimate, while the confidence interval of averaged effect size is the averaged confidence intervals across all assessment times.

Suggested website for Cohen's D: http://web.uccs.edu/lbecker/Psy590/es.htm
Macro Parameters MacroDir: Directory where the results are saved.
DSName: Name of SAS data set.
ID: Name of the variable for object ID.
Outcome: Name of outcome variable.
TimeSeq: Name of the time sequences variable. If the data is not longitudinal, leave it blank.
Treatment: Name of the variable to specify two cohorts.
CovariateNum: Name of the continuous covariates.
CovariateClass: Name of the categorical covariates.
- Y/N (default = N): If adjust for the value of Outcome at TimeSeq = 0.
- Y: adjust for the value of outcome variable at TimeSeq = 0; when AdjustTimeBase = Y, the value of TimeSeq starts from 0.
- N: do not adjust for the value of outcome variable at time 0.
ResultsFormat: rtf/html (default = rtf): Format of the results file.
Programmer Main.RuiChen
Revision 12-04-08 Created
Disclaimer This SAS macro is developed by Rui Chen and other members in the Department of Biostatistics and Computational Biology at the University of Rochester under the auspice of the CTSI BREAD with the intent to facilitate data analyses and reporting in clinical and related research. It is copyrighted by Dr. Chen, October, 2008 and distributed for free public access.
Example(s) ESMacroExample.sas: Example SAS program using ESmacro.sas
ESMacroOutput.html: The output file produced by the example program.
Special Features N/A
Called Macros %words

Notes Section with Calls to needed macros
filename ESMacro URL "https://www.ctspedia.org/wiki/pub/CTSpedia/EffectSizeLongitudinal/ESMacro.sas";
%include ESMacro;

Macro call with fully specified parameters
%ESMacro (MacroDir= , DSName = , ID=, Outcome=, TimeSeq= , Treatment = , CovariateNum , CovariateClass, AdjustTimeBase= N, ResultsFormat= rtf);

Section with definitions of global macro variables

Section with definitions of local macro variables
See Also Effect Size Mixed (Nested Study)
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