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Kappa statistics calculated based on U-Statistics?

  • kappa.u.txt: R Function calcualtes Kappa statistics based on U-Statistics

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Macro Name Kappa.U
Description This R function is to calculate kappa statistics based on U- statistics.
It compares two ratersí ratings within a longitudinal data setting.

Ma Y, Tang W, Feng C, and Tu X.M. "Inference for Kappas for Longitudinal Study Data: Applications to Sexual Health Research" Biometrics 2008 64: 781-789.
Macro Parameters The required parameters (n, g, t, x, y, weight):

1. n=Number of subjects
2. g=Number of categories
3. t= Number of time points
4. x Matrix for the first raterís ratings, where element x(i,j) represents the raterís rating on the ith subject at time j   
5.   y =Matrix for the second raterís ratings, where element y(i,j) represents the raterís rating on the ith subject at time j
6.   Weight=Indicator of weight. Where weight=1 for unweighted kappa; weith
2 for Cicchetti-Allison weighted kappa; weight=3 for Fleiss-Cohen weighted kappa.

Programmer Dr. Yan Ma
Revision December 20, 2010
Disclaimer This R function is developed by Dr. Yan Ma from Weill Cornell Medical College , along with other members in the Department of Biostatistics and Computational Biology at the University of Rochester under the auspice of the CTSI BERD with the intent to facilitate data analyses and reporting in clinical and related research. It is copyrighted by Dr. Yan Ma on December 20, 2010 and distributed for free public access.
Example(s) Example: an example to execute the kappa.u function.
kappa.u output.txt: the output file produced by the example program.
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