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What is a WikiWord?

A WikiWord consists of two or more words with initial capitals, run together. WikiWords are topic names. A TWiki topic name always has a fixed format: two or more words with initial capitals, run together. Like the name of the current topic: WikiWord. When you type the name of a topic, you create a link to that topic. You type WebHome and on saving the page this becomes WebHome. It's as easy as that.

When you type a WikiWord, you establish a hyperlink. It's as easy as that.

WikiWord linking is easy to use:

* You don't have to know the full path to where the topic is stored - you just type the name

* You don't need to write HTML

* Without HTML, the topic text is easier to read when editing

* Easy linking leads to interesting texts with links placed in context

WikiWords are styled like this because:

* It makes Wiki hyperlinks instantly recognizable

* It leads to interesting Wiki topics

* It avoids the need to fiddle with HTML tags

* It avoids over-general topics because at least two words are required

Syntax of a WikiWord

* Uppercase letter(s)

* Lowercase letter(s) or numbers(s)

* Uppercase letter(s)

* Optional lowercase or uppercase letter(s) or number(s)

Good examples of WikiWords

* WikiWord

* GoodStyle?

* VersionFiveDotThree?

* ReleaseVersion5dot3?

* AVeryLongWikiTopicNameIsAlsoPossible?: wherever an uppercase or lowercase letter is allowed, a group of letters of the same case is allowed

* YearTwoThousand?

* Nine2Five?: Note that numbers are considered to be lowercase letters in WikiWords

Bad examples of WikiWords:

* Web: Name without the uppercase letter(s), lowercase letter(s), uppercase letter(s) sequence

* 5TWiki: Name beginning with a number

* Know-How: Name with dashes in between

Variations in linking

When you write the name of a topic, it becomes a link. There are more ways

* To write a custom link label, use bracket notation: [<nop>[TWikiAccessControl][access control]] - this becomes: access control?

* To link to a topic in another web, write: Sandbox.WebSearch - this becomes: WebSearch

* To show the web name in the link use bracket notation: [<nop>[Sandbox.WebHome]] - this becomes: Sandbox.WebHome

* To link to a topic on another Wiki site, use: TWiki:Main/WebHome - this becomes: TWiki:Main/WebHome (sites are defined in the InterwikiPlugin?)

* To link to a part on the same page, write a "#" followed by the name of an anchor. The anchor is a "#" followed by a name which must be a WikiName. Example #MyAnchor. You can also link to an anchor on another page: TWiki.WebHome#MyAnchor.

* To link to a header on the same page, write a "#" followed by the header text, with spaces replaced by underscores (and ! removed): [<nop>[#Good_examples_of_WikiWords]] becomes: #Good_examples_of_WikiWords. You can also link to a header on another page: TWiki.WebHome#Disclaimer becomes: WebHome#Disclaimer.


* Insert WikiWords wherever you can. Rich linking helps to make a Wiki successful.

* Be specific. All topics in a web share one name space. For example, instead of FunctionalSpec write BreadSlicerFunctionalSpec because other projects might also have a functional spec topic.

* To stop a WikiWord from being turned into a hyperlink, insert an exclamation point immediately before the WikiWord. For example, write !<nop>SunOS to get SunOS.

* Create topics with singular names. Plural <nop>WikiWords are automatically linked to the singular topic, i.e. the link WikiWords links to the topic WikiWord (works only in English).

* Sometimes you have to be creative to find a good <nop>WikiName. Examples:

* To create a topic about the the Bread Slicer 1.2 product, use BreadSlicer1dot2 or BreadSlicer1pt2, but not BreadSlicer1.2.

* Numbers are considered lowercase which makes Year2K and Y2K WikiWords but not Y2000 and Y2k.

* Turn acronyms into WikiWords, i.e. take FaqIndex for a "FAQ index" topic.

* It is possible to turn off the auto-linking of WikiWords and to rely only on the bracket notation. See NOAUTOLINK setting in TWikiPreferences#Default_Web_Preferences.

* ALERT! When linking to a <nop>WebHome topic in another web, the link will be rendered as the name of the web, e.g. Sandbox.WebHome becomes Sandbox.

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