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University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center at Dallas

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Acknowledgment John Z. Sadler, M.D.
Daniel W. Foster Professor of Medical Ethics
Professor of Psychiatry & Clinical Sciences, Distinguished Teaching Professor
Chief, Division of Ethics and Health Policy, Department of Clinical Sciences
Chief, Division of Ethics, Department of Psychiatry
UT Southwestern Medical Center
Contacts John Z. Sadler, M.D.
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URL http://www.utsouthwestern.edu/utsw/cda/dept118220/files/312004.html
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Title Clinical Sciences – Research Ethics Courses
Topics Description This web site offers outstanding Case Studies with variations, and supplemental reading lists to prepare students to engage in meaningful and participatory instruction on ethical issues involved in conducting clinical research with integrity.

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Keywords : Adolescents; Advancement; Adverse Events; Alzheimer Disease; Authorship Order; Blind Peer Review; Children; Clinical Database; Clinical Research; Clinical Research Design and Ethics; Cognitively Impaired; Conflicts of Interest (COI); Consent; Consent in Urgent and Emergent Settings; Data Ownership; Data-Mining; De-identified Information; Dispute Resolution; Dissent; Double-Blind; Ethics; Ethnic Minorities; External Adverse Events; Fabrication; Falsification; Fetal Research; Food and Drug Administration (FDA); Fraud; Gender Influences in Mentoring; Genomic Biobanks; Good Mentor-Mentee Relationship; Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA); High-Risk Research; Informed Consent; Institutional Review Board (IRB); Internal Adverse Events; International Committee of Medical Journal Editors (ICMJE); Journal Ethics; Legally Authorized Representatives (LARs); Media; Mental Illness; Mentor-Mentee Relationship; Misconduct; Moral Reasoning; Non-study Related Adverse Events; Nuremberg Code; Office of Human Resource Protection (OHRP); Participant Recruitment; Placebo Effect; Power Differential; Principle of Equipoise; Promotions; Publish; Recruitment; Reject; Responsible Research; Retention; Reviewing and Editing; Risk-Benefit Ratios; Role of Animal Studies in Human Research; Science Citizenship; Sexual Harassment; Sloppy Data-Recording Habits; Surrogate Consent; Tenure; The Belmont Report; Therapeutic Misconception; Tissue Organ Banking; Treatment vs. Clinical Research; Types of Consent; Unconsented Emergent Care; Vulnerable Populations; Washout
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Topic Data Acquisition Management Sharing and Ownership, Conflicts of Interest and Commitment, Human Subjects, Animal Welfare, Research Misconduct, Publication Practices and Responsible Authorship, Mentor and Trainee Responsibilities, Peer Review, Collaborative Science, Course Syllabi, Reading List, Other
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