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University of Pennsylvania, School of Medicine

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Acknowledgment Emma A. Meagher, M.D.
Associate Professor of Medicine and Pharmacology
Coordinator, POR & MTR Programs
University of Pennsylvania
Contacts Marti Dandridge, Coordinator, Masters of Science in Translational Research, (MTR) Program
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Materials Provided PPT (35 Slides)
Title Ethical Principles in Human Subject Research
Topics Description This comprehensive power point presentation covers scandals in research that brought about changes in how to conduct ethical biomedical research. Some topics addressed are the definition of "human subject" and "research", and the difference between clinical care and research.

Key events covered are the Nuremberg Trials, and the Tuskegee Syphilis study.

The Nuremberg Code, the Declaration of Helsinki, Code of Federal Regulations, the Belmont Report, and the Common Rule are major ethical codes and regulations that were developed in response to research atrocities.
Keywords 26 areas of research; African American Males; Benefit to Risk; CIA Studies; Clinical Care; Code of Federal Regulations; Cold War Studies; Concentration Camps; Conflicts of Interest; Consent; Declaration of Helsinki; Decompression; Dignity; Equity; Euthanasia Agents; German Experiments; Homosexuals; Hypothermia; Informed Consent; Jews; Mentally Ill; NIH; Nuremberg Code; Peer Review; Penicillin; Prisoners; Protecting Subjects Confidentiality; Research Integrity; Respect; Scandals; Self-Determination; Sterilization; Subjects Rights; Syphilis; Tuskegee; Twins; Typhus and Typhoid; Women; World War II; Wounds and Burns
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Topic Conflicts of Interest and Commitment, Human Subjects, Research Misconduct, Peer Review, Collaborative Science, Other
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