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EthicsCaseStudyForm edit

Title He Took His Notebook!
Long Title He Took His Notebook!
Contributor/Contact John Banja, PhD (jbanja@emory.edu)
Contributor Details John Banja, PhD
Director, Section on Ethics in Research
Atlanta Clinical and Translational Science Institute
Emory University
Atlanta, GA 30322
CTSA Emory
Case Study Provided By the time a researcher is a Post-doc, the odds are pretty good that he or she has probably heard if not actually experienced an instance of an individual leaving a lab and taking his or her lab notebook along. For obvious reasons, this frequently causes a great deal of emotional upset in the lab—not because the research itself is of earth shattering importance but because the act raises the question of who really owns the data and who has the right to control its dissemination.

The standard answer in academic research is that the University owns the data and the research findings, but it is hard to convince an investigator of that when he or she is the one whose ideas generated and whose work produced that data. So, what usually happens is that months of back and forth communications go on, with the PI or the lab director trying to persuade the individual to return his or her lab notebook, even though the University will often allow the individual to make and keep a photocopy.

This kind of case always raises the following questions: Does the investigator have any right to the ideas he or she developed while working at the lab? What considerations should this person make if he tries to publish that data? How should such a situation be managed?
Data Acquisition, Management, Sharing and Ownership Topics
Ethical values behind the scientific standards for data acquisition_management_sharing and ownership,
Data acquisition issues,
Legal aspects of data ownership and rights
Mentor and Trainee Responsibilities Topics No mentor and trainee responsibilities topics
Publication Practices and Responsible Authorship Topics No publication practices and responsible authorship topics
Peer Review Topics No peer review topics
Collaborative Science Topics No collaborative science topics
Research Misconduct Topics No research misconduct topics
Conflicts of Interest, Law and Policy Topics No conflicts of interest_law_and policy topics
Human Subjects No human subjects

URL http://www.actsi.org/areas/erks/ethics/index.html
RCR Keyword Intellectual Work, Lab Notes, Ideas, Post-doc
Other RCR Keywords Academic Research; Controlling Data Dissemination; Ideas; Investigator; Lab Director; Lab Notebook; Photocopy; PI; Post-doc; Publish; Research Findings; University; Who Owns the Data
Type of Case

Source for Topic Areas Du Bois, J., & Dueker, J. (2009). Teaching and Assessing the Responsible Conduct of Research: A Delphi Consensus Panel Report. Journal of Research Administration, 40(1), 49-70.


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