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CTSA checkbox 6 Alabama, Arkansas, Case Western, Children's National Med Center, Cincinnati, Columbia, Cornell, Duke, Einstein, Emory, Georgetown-Howard, Harvard, Hopkins, Indiana, Mayo, MCW, MGH, MT Sinai, MUSC, NIH, Northwestern, NYU, OHSU, Ohio State, Rochester, Rockefeller U, Tufts, UC Davis, UCI, UC San Diego, UCSF, UFL, UIC, U Mass Medical School, U Mass Worcester, UNC, U New Mexico, U Pittsburgh, UT Houston, UTMB Galveston, UT Southwestern, U Wisconsin Madison, Utah, UW, Vanderbilt, Yale  
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Data Acquisition, Management, Sharing and Ownership Topics checkbox 1 No Data acquisition_management_sharing and ownership Topics,
Ethical values behind the scientific standards for data acquisition_management_sharing and ownership,
Variations in lab practices—legitimate and illegitimate variations,
Data acquisition issues,
Data storage protection and archiving,
Data sharing,
Legal aspects of data ownership and rights,
Data privacy,
Scientific methodology issues including research design_objectivity and bias,
Data reporting,
Special issues related to scientific roles
Check all that apply.
Mentor and Trainee Responsibilities Topics checkbox 1 No mentor and trainee responsibilities topics,
Definitions and expectations of the mentor and trainee relationship,
Power relationships and the potential problems they involve,
Scientific responsibilities of the mentor,
Nonscientific responsibilities of roles of the mentor,
Responsibilities of trainees within the mentor–trainee relationship,
How to get the most out of the mentor–trainee relationship,
Addressing challenges and problems in the mentor–trainee relationship
Check all that apply.
Publication Practices and Responsible Authorship Topics checkbox 1 No publication practices and responsible authorship topics,
The significance of authorship,
Authorship assignment,
Inappropriate authorship practices,
Dealing with controversies that arise in authorship,
Scientific responsibilities of authors,
Poor publication practices,
Protecting privacy in publication,
Addressing compliance with ethical standards within articles,
Responsible disclosure of scientific information within the popular press
Check all that apply.
Peer Review Topics checkbox 1 No peer review topics,
The significance of peer review,
Conflicts of interest and peer reviews,
Qualities of a good review and reviewer,
Logistics of peer reviewing,
Responding to reviewers,
Reviewer roles in ensuring RCR,
Editorial responsibilities
Check all that apply.
Collaborative Science Topics checkbox 1 No collaborative science topics,
The nature and advantages of successful collaborations,
Types of collaboration,
Working well with others,
Dealing with challenges in collaborative relationships,
The role of institutions in collaborative science
Check all that apply.
Research Misconduct Topics checkbox 1 No research misconduct topics,
Significance of misconduct,
Factors that contribute to scientific misconduct,
Other serious deviations from scientific best practices,
Regulations and policies addressing misconduct,
Responding to observed misconduct,
Studying taboo_controversial or politically sensitive research topics
Check all that apply.
Conflicts of Interest, Law and Policy Topics checkbox 1 No conflicts of interest_law_and policy topics,
The significance of conflicts of interest,
Types_definitions and examples of conflicts of interest,
Conflicts of commitment,
Institutional conflicts of interest,
Managing conflicts of interest,
Conflicts of interest law and policy
Check all that apply.
Human Subjects checkbox 1 No human subjects, Human subjects research Check
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RCR Keyword checkbox 4 Research Misconduct, Plagiarism, Grant, Research Paper, Intellectual Work, Lab Notes, Collaboration, Ideas, Lab Partners, Peer Review, Manuscript, Journal Club, Journal, Editor, Reviewer, Conflict of Interest, Mentoring, Students, Post-doc, Delaying the Review Process Check keywords.
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Case Difficulty radio 3 Quick, Middle, Advanced  
Type of Case checkbox 1 Illustrate point, Test whether your students can pick out main idea, Realistic dilemma  
Source for Topic Areas label   Du Bois, J., & Dueker, J. (2009). Teaching and Assessing the Responsible Conduct of Research: A Delphi Consensus Panel Report. Journal of Research Administration, 40(1), 49-70.  
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