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Acknowledgment Faith Fitzgerald, M.D.
Department of Internal Medicine
UC Davis RCR Responsible Conduct of Research Lecture Series
Contacts Debie Schilling, Analyst, Clinical Trials, Clinical & Translational Science Center (CTSC)
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Title Experiment Perilous: Human Experimentation
Topics Description This excellent presentation provides an extensive history beginning with the first clinical trial. It covers in detail many of the most egregious periods in history of unethical experiments committed on humans. The history of the birth of scientific research regulations is explained. Furthermore, some of the motivations are explained as to why a researcher might be tempted to engage in unethical research behaviors. This presentation further addresses the moral and ethical responsibilities the investigator, and research staff has towards the research participant. The medical community must assure the safety and best interests on behalf of the research participant at all times.
Keywords Approval; Awards; Bacteria; Biowar Studies; Brandt; Brooklyn Jewish Chronic Disease Hospital; Burke, Hare and Dr. Knox; Cancer Cells; Children with Mental Retardation; Clinical Research Trials; Culture; Curiosity; Data; Data Analyzed; Developing Nations; Dr. Shiro Ishi; Economics; Ellen Roche – 2001; Exporting Clinical Research; Fame; Gene Transfer; Ghost Written Paper; Hallucinatory Drugs; Helsinki Declarations; Hippocrates; Industry-Sponsored Trials; Investigators; James Lind, Royal Navy 1747; Japanese Biological Warfare (BW) Research; Jesse Gelsinger – 1999; Literacy; Mengele; Money; Nazi Experiments; Nebuchadnezzar II; Nuremberg Code; Nuremberg Trial; Patient Trust; Penicillin; Ping Fan BW Complex; Prisoner Studies; Professionalism; Publications; Radiation; Radioactive Studies 1940s – 50s; Scurvy; Studies on Soldiers; Syphilis; Tuskegee – 1932-1973; Unit 731 – Manchuria; Vivisection; Voluntary Consent; Willowbrook State School; World Medical Association
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Topic Conflicts of Interest and Commitment, Human Subjects, Research Misconduct, Collaborative Science, Other
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