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University of Alabama at Birmingham

Disclaimer Please cite the appropriate authors/contacts when using or adapting these materials.
Acknowledgment Produced by: Harold Kincaid and Mark Holcombe / Department of Philosophy, University of Alabama at Birmingham
Contacts Harold Kincaid, PhD
Format Video
URL Admixture
Admixture and Disease
Genetic Ethnicity
Genetics and Phenotypes
Materials Provided Videos
Title Genetics, Race, and Ethics: A Teaching Module
Topics Description Video clips cover genetic thinking about race and related ethical issues.
Keywords Admixture; African Americans; Ancestry; Communication; Community Participation; Culture; Diversity; Discrimination; DNA; East Asian; Ethics; Ethnicity; Eugenics; European; Genes; Genetics; Health Issues; History in Human Research; Informed Consent; Minority Populations; Prejudices; Race; Stereotypes; Sub-Saharan African; Syphilis; Treatment; Trust; Tuskegee; Values
See Also Genetics_Race_and_Ethics_Teaching_Module
Topic Data Acquisition Management Sharing and Ownership, Human Subjects, Other
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