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University of Pittsburgh

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Acknowledgment Christopher M. Ryan, Ph.D.
Professor of Psychiatry, Psychology, Health & Community Systems, and Clinical & Translational Science
Director, University of Pittsburgh Institutional Review Board
Contacts Christopher M. Ryan, Ph.D.
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Materials Provided PDF (38 Pages)
Title Research Integrity Module – University of Pittsburgh 2009
Topics Description This concise module covers: Authorship & Publication Practices; Data; Mentoring; Conflict of Interest; Investigator Responsibilities; Scholarly Community; and Research Misconduct.
Keywords Abstract; Acknowledgements; Allegations; Authors; Autoradiograms; Award; Biomedical Journals; Blue or Black Ink; Career Options; Certification Statement; Changing Data; Citation; Co-authorship; Collaborative Research; Colleagues; Commercial Research; Compliance Issues; Conduct Experiments; Confidentiality Issues; Conflict of Interest; Consultants; Copyright; Corrections; Current Literature; Data and Safety Monitoring Board (DSMB); Data Archives; Data Points; Data Retention and Access; Debarment; Disciplinary Measures; Disclosures; Disks; Disqualification; Dissertation; Divestiture; Editors; Eliminate; Equipment; Equity; Erratum; Experimental Design; Exploitation; Fabrication; Fake; Falsification; FDA; Final Reports; Fine; Fragmented or Overlapping Publications; Freedom of Information Act; Goals of Mentoring; Government-Sponsor Research Project; Graduate Students; Graphics; Gratuities; Honest Error; Honoraria; Honorary Authorship; Ideas; Imprisonment; Inquiry; Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee (IACUC); Institutional Review Board (IRB); Intellectual Property; Interests of Commitment; Inventor(s); Investigation; Investigator; Journal Clubs; Lecturing Agreement; Letter to the Editor; Licensing Rights; Make Up Data; Make Up Results; Manage; Manipulating; Manuscripts; Media; Mediate; Member of a Board; Mentoring; Mentor-Trainee; Methodological Procedures; Misrepresentation of Credentials; Monitor Experiments; National Science Foundation (NSF); Negative Results; Notebooks; Observational Technique; Office of General Counsel; Office of Inspector General; Office of Research Integrity (ORI); Office of Technology Management (OTM); OHRP; Omitting Data; Orientation; Outliers; Oversight; Paid Consultancy; Patents; Peer Review Process; Photographs; Plagiarism; Postdoctoral Fellow; Preliminary Presentation; Preponderance of the Evidence; Pre-publication Release of Findings; Presentation; Press Conferences; Press Releases; Principal Author; Printouts; Probation; Professional Associations; Professional Licensing Boards; Professional Society Meetings; Progress Report; Prospective Employers; Protocol; Public Communication; Publication; Publish Research Findings; Quality Control; Recommendation; Record Experiments; Recorded Data; Reduce; Redundant Publication; Remuneration; Replicate; Reprimand; Research Ethics; Research Group; Research Materials; Research Misconduct; Research Project; Research Protocols; Research Tools; Resignation; Responsible Authorship; Results; Retaliation; Revenues; Role Model; Royalties; Safety Issues; Sanctions; Scientific Advisory Committee of a Company; Severance; Sexual Harassment; Slides; Sponsor; Start-up Companies; Stipend; Stock; Student; Suspension; Tables; Technology Transfer; The International Committee of Medical Journal Editors (ICMJE); Transfer of Research Materials; Unethical; University Research Integrity Officer; Whistleblower; Words
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Topic Data Acquisition Management Sharing and Ownership, Research Misconduct, Publication Practices and Responsible Authorship, Mentor and Trainee Responsibilities, Peer Review, Collaborative Science, Other
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