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University of Washington School of Medicine

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Acknowledgment Malia Fullerton, DPhil
Assistant Professor in the Department of Bioethics and Humanities
Director, Biomedical Research Integrity Program
University of Washington School of Medicine
Contacts Malia Fullerton, DPhil
Format Video
URL http://depts.washington.edu/uwbri/resources.php
Materials Provided Link to a website where a video of the lecture can be accessed.
Title Biomedical Research Integrity (BRI) Program Series: Responsible Authorship and the Ownership of Scientific Knowledge: Thoughts on Open Access Publishing
Topics Description This excellent web site covers five RCR topics--Conflict of Interest; Data Acquisition and Ownership; Peer Review; Responsible Authorship; and Research Misconduct--through eight video lectures which run from ~ 40 minutes to 60 minutes in length:

Responsible Authorship and the Ownership of Scientific Knowledge: Thoughts on Open Access Publishing
Keywords Access to Data; Antibiotic Resistance; Archiving; Author; Author is Copyright Holder; Bacterial Pathogens; Bayh-Dole Act; Bias Susceptibility; Biological Toxin; Biologics; Biomaterials; Biomed Central (BMC); Biosafety Containment; Biosecurity; Blinding Reviewers; Centers for Disease Control (CDC); Collaboration; Commercialization; Company-Sponsor Symposium; Concern of Making Data Available Before Publishing; Confidentiality; Consulting; Contract Rights; Copying Data; Copyright; Copyright; Protection; Corporate Sponsor Research; Data; Data Integrity; Data Reporting; Data Sharing; Device; Disclosure and Utilization Forms; Distribution of Scientific Knowledge; Drug Samples; Editor; Environmental Health and Safety (EH&S); Ethical Dilemmas; Extinct Retroviruses; Fabrication; Fair Use; Falsification; Financial Conflict; Free; Freedom to Operate (FTO); Funding; Genetic Engineering; Ghost Authors; Ghost Management; Ghostwriting; Gifts; Graduate Student; Grant; Guest Authors; History of Peer Review System; Increased Collaboration; Infectious Agents; Institution; Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee (IACUC); Institutional Review Board (IRB); Intellectual Property (IP); Journals; Knowledge; Leased; Legal Issues; License; Manuscripts; Material Transfer Agreement (MTA); Meals; Media Attention ; Microbial Pathogenesis; Modify; National Institutes of Health (NIH); National Science Advisory Board for Biosecurity (NSABB); Non-disclosure Agreement (NDA); Non-publication of Unfavorable Findings; Open Access; Open Reviews; Ownership Integrity; Patent Search; Patents; Peer Review; Pharmaceutical; Plagiarism; Principal Investigator; Private Foundation; Product; Professional; Public Health Service (PHS); Public Library of Science (PLoS??); Publication; Publishing; Publishing Data; PubMed??; Research Misbehavior; Research Misconduct; Researchers; Restricted; Reviewer Bias; Risky Research; Science as Marketing; Security; Select Agent Laboratory; Should Publications be Reviewed, Published, or Marked as Dual Use; Subcontractor Agreement; Trade Secret Protection; Trademarks; Travel; Uniform Trade Secret Act; Unmasking; Unrestricted; Virulent Phenotyping
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Topic Data Acquisition Management Sharing and Ownership, Conflicts of Interest and Commitment, Research Misconduct, Publication Practices and Responsible Authorship, Peer Review, Collaborative Science, Course Syllabi, Reading List, Other
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