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This page serves as the title page for documents created with GenPDFAddOn. The content between the horizontal rules will be printed on the title page of the PDF document.

  • The GENPDFADDON_ parameters can be overwritten in the final document either by setting preferences in WebPreferences or in the base topic (Ie. the one you are generating a PDF from):

There is currently no %ATTACHURL{topic="%WEB%.TopicName"}% so you must expand the full path to attachments like this:


Also, htmldoc must be able to download it so be sure to use %PUBURL% not %PUBURLPATH%


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Our Slogan Rocks!!!

Oh yeah - We Rock Too!!! Just look at this cool document :-)
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This document contains Proprietary and Confidential information of Your Company, and is protected by copyright, trade secret and other state and federal laws. Its receipt or possession does not convey any rights to reproduce, disclose its contents, or to manufacture, use or sell anything it may describe. Reproduction, disclosure or use without specific written authorization of Your Company is strictly prohibited.  
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